Dalí with Babou (via Wikimedia)

Babou 691 is an online magazine dedicated to the bizarre and the surreal in literature, film, and art. We seek the outrageous, the unexpected, the uncanny, the reality-bending, not sticking to one genre, but celebrating the weird in its many forms. We delve into the past and explore the latest and greatest out there.

Started by authors Zé Burns and Amy M. Vaughn, Babou 691 wants to share in the conversation of an often underrepresented and misunderstood corner of the world of art. If you want to be part of this conversation, let us know.

Mission Statement

The goal of Babou 691 is to provide a place to discuss and celebrate bizarro, surreal, and fringe literary and visual arts. We want to bring passion and enthusiasm to the genres and expand their impact.

Why the Name?

Our name is an ode to the men and women of the Surrealist movement. “Babou” was the name of Salvador Dalí’s pet ocelot and “691” refers to a succession of Surrealist and Dadaist magazines, beginning with Alfred Stieglitz’s 291 and later 391, 491, and 591. While that is a lot to live up to, we hope to continue that tradition one hundred years after it began.