Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking submissions/queries?

Yes! You can find all that information here.

Is your content mainly reviews?

Reviews are only a part of Babou 691. A good portion of our content is essays, columns, interviews, listicles, and pretty much any other way people want to talk about the bizarre and surreal literary and visual arts.

I have a bizarre/surreal book. Can you review it on your site?

Due to our limited staff, we cannot accept every book that comes our way. However, send us an email with an enticing one-paragraph description along with the book’s approximate word count and its publisher (if applicable). We’ll send it along to our reviewers and let you know if any request a review copy. More information here.

Does your content come out in issues?

Rather than put out “issues” (monthly, seasonal, etc.) our magazine operates like a news site. Content is added throughout the week.

Do I need to subscribe? Is it free?

Our content is 100% free. No subscription needed.

How often do you post?

A: Currently, we post two to three articles a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We hope to increase this number in the future.

Why the name “Babou 691”?

Our name is an ode to the men and women of the Surrealist movement. “Babou” was the name of Salvador Dalí’s pet ocelot and “691” refers to a succession of Surrealist and Dadaist magazines, beginning with Alfred Stieglitz’s 291 and later 391, 491, and 591.

I still have questions, what should I do?

Don’t hesitate to reach us through our contact page