Book Review: THE MOLD FARMER by Rick Claypool

By Jay Slayton-Joslin Rick Claypool’s The Mold Farmer is a novella that follows the life of a man named Thorner as he takes care of his family and campmates, despite how little the world wants him to. At its heart, it’s a story about the lengths to which one will go to provide for their […]

Convulsive Beauty: The Subversive Perversions of Hans Bellmer

By Daulton Dickey In the early- and mid-20th century, Surrealism encompassed a variety of media, themes, and artists, many of whom subsequently found a place in the Modern Art canon. Some artists, such as Dalí and Magritte, burned imagery into our collective consciousness. Melting clocks and apples obscuring faces represent the kind of imagery surrealists […]

Mumbo Jumbo at the Movies: Mister Lonely

You Can Live Forever By KKUURRTT and Tex Gresham Harmony Korine’s Mister Lonely stars Diego Luna as a Michael Jackson impersonator who, one afternoon, meets Marilyn Monroe (played Samantha Morton) while performing at a Parisian old folk’s home. Marilyn invites Michael to come live with her as part of an off-the-grid commune in the Scottish […]

Book Review: SABBATH OF THE FOXDEVILS by Sam Richard

By Ben Walker Instantly conjuring images of weird magick thanks to its evocative title, Sam Richard’s first novella features a wicked plot involving awakening desires, Saturday morning cartoons and the power of secret knowledge. The first chapter evokes soul-crushing despair early on, as we hear the prayers of a soul apparently desperate for repentance. In […]

Publisher Interview: Sam Richard of Weirdpunk Books

By Zé Burns Weirdpunk Books made quite the splash in 2020 with four well-received novellas—two of which (The Wingspan of Severed Hands and Seventeen Names for Skin) have been reviewed by Babou 691 with the other two on the way. Before this, they published a number of anthologies including the Splatterpunk Award-nominated The New Flesh: […]

Filthy Waters Pt. 3: Multiple Mothers

By Kat Shook Studying John Waters’ films, I feel an urgency to laud and applaud the underappreciated, yet clear standout, recurring character-symbol de force that is—the mother. In most of Waters’ films there is an integral and influential mother figure who stands central to or just to the side of the center of the plot. […]

Book Review: CAPTAIN CLIVE’S DREAMWORLD by Jon Bassoff

Jon Bassoff, the author of Corrosion and The Drive-Thru Crematorium, recently released this dark look at a supposed paradise that is part The Lottery, part Cocaine Nights, and part hard boiled noir. Deputy Sam Hardy (gotta love that name) becomes a suspect in the murder of a prostitute. Since no-nonsense Sheriff McCabe is running for […]

Arcade Anomalies: Shadow Dancer

By Michael Allen Rose The 80s were filled with dancers. Tina Turner wanted to be our Private Dancer. There was Jojo Dancer, Richard Pryor’s filmic narcotic-fueled burn victim-cum-standup comedian. Flashdance made a whole generation of teenagers expect water to fall on them in a sexy manner when they pulled mysterious ropes. But for any little […]

Book Review: SEA OF GLASS by Rebecca Gransden

By Ben Arzate When a strange accident happens on the street, Kattar, a janitor in a skyscraper, finds himself taking refuge through the front entrance of his workplace  Realizing the accident may have terrible further consequences, he attempts to find an exit to make his way home. However, in his attempts to find the desired […]

Book Review: SEVENTEEN NAMES FOR SKIN by Roland Blackburn

By Ben Walker You have to love a book’s title when it gets you thinking before you read any further than the front cover. How many names for skin do I know, I wondered as I took in the impressive artwork. Epidermis? Uh . . . that stuff you bite off from around your fingernails […]


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