Book Review: ZOLTERGEIST THE POLTERGEIST by Douglas Hackle

By Ben Arzate Staff Reviewer Jimmy Green has been a fan of the TV sitcom Zoltergeist the Poltergeist since he was a kid. As an adult, he works as a bodyguard and limo driver, having moved to Hollywood hoping he could work for the star of the show. However, he’s forced to settle for working […]

Book Review: NEGATIVE SPACE by B.R. Yeager

By Evan St. Jones Staff Reviewer It’s difficult to imagine writing a concise plot summary for this book. Because, though it is plenty plot-heavy, I feel like trying to describe it would do a disservice to what I think may be one of the most emotionally evocative novels I’ve read in the past year.  Negative […]

Book Review: TERMINAL PARK by Gary J. Shipley

By Ben Arzate Staff Reviewer Human population has accelerated to the point of complete unsustainability. Mass murder, starvation, and abject conditions have become common place. Kaal, a professor, takes shelter in a luxury tower. There, he watches a long piece of video art which explores the installment art piece PsychoBarn as well as several murders. […]

Book Review: BODY HIGH by Jon Lindsey

By Ben Walker Staff Reviewer The cover of Jon Lindsey’s Body High suggests a tale of parasitic infection, and to a degree that’s true. Every character here suffers from dependence in one form or another, with the main character of Leland feeling loss, lust and many more complex emotions on a journey to discover purpose. […]


This week we turn the spotlight on ENCYCLOPEDIA SHARKSPLOITANICA by Susan Snyder from Madness Heart Press. Synopsis It’s been nearly five decades since Jaws scared the swimsuits off of us and lit the fuse for a beloved little horror movie sub-genre called Sharksploitation. From the blatant rip offs of the 1970s to the CGI assault of modern movies, […]

Author Interview: Eric LaRocca

By Evan St. Jones Staff Reviewer Eric LaRocca is a name you may have heard buzz about as a fan of dark or strange literature. He’s a wordsmith in the broad sense: he writes fiction and poetry, as well as for theater and screen. His upcoming novella, Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke, […]

The Unreprinted: CASTAWAY by James Gould Cozzens

By Ben Arzate Columnist After surviving an unknown disaster, Mr. Lecky takes shelter inside a department store. Despite the abundance of supplies, Mr. Lecky has trouble adjusting. Most of all, because he finds someone else has made their way into the store.  The fears he had formerly felt of hearing, and then of seeing, seemed […]


By Evan St. Jones Staff Reviewer Eric LaRocca’s masterful epistolary novella tells the reader immediately that Agnes Petrella is dead. What follows is the chronological correspondence between Agnes and her online girlfriend, Zoe, from the time they meet until Agnes’ untimely demise.  First, we see a post by Agnes on an LGBTQ+ message board. It’s […]

Book Review: I TRANSGRESS ed. Chris Kelso

By Ben Arzate Staff Reviewer Have you ever picked up a book and then wondered if someone had put it together just for you? I got that feeling when I read the table of contents of I Transgress. Not only did it include some of my favorite authors often labeled as “transgressive,” such as Dennis […]


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