Zé Burns


Zé Burns is a Seattle-based author of horror and the surreal, an avid proponent of bizarro fiction, and a lover of all things weird.You can find him on Twitter at @ZeBurns or on his site:

Amy M. Vaughn

Contributing Editor

Amy M. Vaughn writes weird little books like Freak Night at the Slee-Z Motel (Thicke & Vaney Books) and Skull Nuggets (Bizarro Pulp Press). She is also the editor of the bizarro writing prompt collection Dog Doors to Outer Space (Filthy Loot) and has short stories in Boinking Bizarro (Death’s Head Press) and Mr. Miyagi’s Soggy Cereal (Hybrid Sequence Media). Her latest novella, The Shelter, is forthcoming from Cabal Books. She lives with her little family in a little house in Tucson, Arizona.


Jay Slayton-Joslin

Staff Reviewer

Jay Slayton-Joslin is the author of Sequelland: A Story of Dreams and Screams (Clash Books, 2020) and Kicking Prose (KUBOA, 2014). Jay graduated with a BA in American Literature with Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and a MA in Creative Writing from the University of Surrey. He lives in Leeds, England.

Ben Walker

Staff Reviewer

Ben Walker is a writer/reviewer from the UK, with reviews appearing on Ginger Nuts of Horror, Kendall Reviews, and in Unnerving Magazine. He also has a booktube channel, BLURB, and is easily distracted on Twitter @BensNotWriting

Ben Arzate

Staff Reviewer

Ben Arzate lives in Des Moines, IA. His articles, reviews, short stories, and poetry have appeared in various places online and in print. He is a regular contributor to Cultured Vultures and is the author of two poetry books (the sky is black and blue like a battered child and dr. sodom and mrs. gomorrah, feel bad all the time), one book of short stories (The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Saying Goodbye, NihilismRevised), and two novels (The Story of the Y, Cabal Books and Elaine, Atlatl Press). Find him online at

John Porter

Staff Reviewer

John Porter is a writer of horror, dark fantasy, and is a former stand-up comedian. He also writes about blues music and plays records at He has written extensively about surrealist theatre and Mexican Exploitation Films. His website is under construction because he is too lazy to finish it.

Evan St. Jones

Staff Reviewer

Evan St. Jones does non-profit work by day and book stuff by night. They’re a co-creator of Queerport (LGBTQ arts organization), and co-owner of Vessel Vintage, both based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Evan recently started Heads Dance Press, where they plan on publishing weird fiction inspired by pop culture and horror.

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