Bizarre Publishers

Bizarro & Bizarro-adjacent Publishers

Apocalypse Party Press – Off-kilter books that defy the traditional expectations of literature.

Atlatl Press – An independent literary press of darkly off-beat fiction.

Bizarro Pulp Press – JournalStone Publishing’s imprint for strange speculative fiction.

Cabal Books – An imprint of Thicke & Vaney Books. The edge of the edge.

CLASH Books – Literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, horror, sci-fi & genre-free fiction. Where high and low art meet to make something fresh, new, and exciting.

Death’s Head Press – Dark fiction including horror, splatterpunk, bizarro, dark erotica, dark sci-fi/fantasy, psychological thrillers, and others.

Dynatox Ministries – Weird fiction, poetry, horror, exploitation, science fiction, neo-beat, conspiracy fiction and nonfiction, neo-noir, bizarro, transgressive literature, surrealism, etc.

Eraserhead Press – Bizarro and cutting-edge horror.

Excession Press – Horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Reality is a strange beast. Literature should be strange too.

Filthy Loot – Misfit fiction (transgressive, existentialist, horror, bizarro) and odd other ideas. Zines, art stuffs, & books in both limited edition and open formats.

Fungasm Press – An imprint of Eraserhead Press. The coolest in mind-bending, genre-busting cult lit.

House of Vlad Press – The literary equivalent to Kid Rock’s dandruff.

Hybrid Sequence Media – Focusing on the art of writing in its many forms. Spread the ink . . . Follow the Stag!

King Shot Press – Crime, erotica, horror, scifi, essay, memoir, experimental, poetry, etc. exploring themes like intersectionality, class struggle, social stigma, and anti-authoritarianism.

Morbid Books – Extreme fiction publisher.

NihilismRevised – Underground literary collective and publishing label dedicated to weird fiction.

Omnium Gatherum – Unique dark fantasy, weird fiction, and horror.

Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing – Dark fiction that branches out into horror, science fiction, and crime.

Raw Dog Screaming Press –If it’s dark, deviant, off-kilter and thought provoking we will sniff it out.

Rooster Republic Press – Strange and unusual books, games, and other media.

Section 31 Productions – Extreme horror, bizarro, and comedy. Extreme art for extreme times.

Silent Motorist Media – Weird and dark anthologies.

Sinister Horror Company – Genre fiction from those daring to try something a little different.

Strangehouse Books – The horror imprint of Rooster Republic Press.

The New Bizarro Author Series (NBAS) – An imprint of Eraserhead Press introducing new voices to bizarro fiction.

Thicke & Vaney – Works that are strange, odd, and unacceptable but still reek of literature’s fine taint.

Weirdpunk Books – DIY publisher of horror, the grotesque, and assorted weirdness.

WordHorde – Weird redefined.

Compiled and curated by Amy M. Vaughn