Interviewing the Unorthodox: Matthew Revert

By Amy M. Vaughn Contributing Editor Inside Matthew Revert is a perpetual motion creativity generator. He is the go-to cover designer for several indie presses and has created over 600 book covers in that capacity. He’s also an author in his own right with a three-title reprint coming soon from 11:11 Press. But today we’re […]

Book Review: NUNCHUCK CITY by Brian Asman

By Jay Slayton-Joslin Staff Reviewer If you’re a disgraced ninja who just wants to open a fondue shop and then shit hits the fan, this might be your memoir. If that’s not you, you loser, then you may want to find out what that’s like in Brian Asman’s latest novel, Nunchuck City.  Nunchuck “Nick” Nikolopoulis’s […]

Book Spotlight: JURASSICHRIST by Michael Allen Rose

Welcome to our new feature: Book Spotlight! Today we look at Michael Allen Rose’s new release Jurassichrist from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. Synopsis It’s time for Jesus to attempt his second coming, but linear time progression doesn’t apply to extra-spatial deities, so he ends up coming “again” long before the first time – the Jurassic […]

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